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What Do You Need for a Title Loan in Tennessee?

If you’re hard-pressed for cash, you might be looking into some loan options. As far as fast personal loans go, accessible, quick, and easy, a title loan is probably one of the better options. If you’ve already looked into it a little and are interested, then you should learn more about what do you need for a title loan.

When Should You Apply for a Title Loan?

Before figuring out what you do need for a title loan, keep in mind that loans aren’t meant for frivolous expenses, and in some cases, spending the emergency loan for routine expenses can put you in a worse financial position.

If your problems could be postponed for a little while without risking escalation, then getting a loan shouldn’t be your first choice. Adding to your financial obligations, especially if you’re already having trouble covering the existing ones, should be a last resort – one that comes after attempts of getting the cash together from other avenues.

But if you’re dealing with a time-sensitive problem that could escalate and cost you more in the future unless dealt with ASAP, a title loan is a great solution. Think of things like medical expenses, car breakdowns, urgent home repairs, or bills like rent and utilities being past the due date. That’s when title loans can come in handy.

So, What Do You Need for a Title Loan?

A title loan is probably one of the easiest loans to acquire. But you do need to satisfy certain requirements to be considered eligible.

1. You Need to Be of Legal Age – and Able to Prove It

Almost anyone can be eligible for a title loan as long as they’re over 18. No state will consider a minor eligible for a title loan, and Tennessee is no exception.

You will need to provide the lender with legitimate proof that you’re of legal age in the form of a state-issued photo ID (a valid driver’s license will do).

2. Your Vehicle

Title loans are a secure type of loan – meaning they require collateral. The title to your car will be acting as that collateral.

The loan representative will determine how much cash you qualify for based on the value and condition of your vehicle (with Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. you could get up to $2500).

That said, despite the car acting as collateral – in the end, it stays with you for the duration of the loan. You’re free to drive your vehicle, as long as you keep paying off the loan.

3. The Lien-Free Vehicle Title – in Your Name

Another important thing to remember when figuring out what you do need for a title loan, is that your car should be completely paid off. That’s what they call having a lien-free title. The car stays with you because it’s the title to your car that will be acting as guarantor. While you’re free to drive the car, the title will remain with the lender for the duration of the loan payoff.

This is why the title needs to be:

  • In your name – unfortunately, even if you’re the nominal owner of the car and have been driving it for years unless it’s your name on the car title, you won’t be considered eligible for the loan (you can’t apply if it’s your friend’s or relative’s name on the title – even if they agree to it);
  • Completely lien-free – lien-free means there are no outstanding financial obligations (like loans) against your car.

4. No Need to Worry about Your Credit

applying for a title loan

What do you need for a title loan? Not a good credit score, at least. While a loan representative may perform a quick credit check, a bad credit score will not become a reason you’re denied a title loan.

In fact, you can apply for a title loan even if you have no credit score to speak of – and still get approved, as long as you can provide proof that you can pay off the loan one way or another.

How to Apply for a Title Loan?

You can apply for title loans online, and it’s really easy with Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. First things first, make sure you’ve got all the required items – you’ll need your government-issued ID, your car, and the car’s lien-free title in your name.

  1. If everything’s in order, go to the Main Page of our website and submit the filled-out online form. When the form gets processed, you’ll be contacted by a loan representative from the nearest location who’ll provide further instructions and set an appointment with you.
  2. Take the required items to the appointment so that the loan representative can assess everything and determine if you qualify for the title loan – and how much cash exactly you qualify for.
  3. If you’re approved, you’ll complete the easy paperwork right then and there, and get the cash you qualified for the very same day.

The entire application process typically takes under an hour – and could even take as little as 30 minutes, if everything’s in order.

Apply for your Tennessee Title Loan Today!

So, what do you need for a title loan? – to make the last step and apply for it, of course! As you can see, it’s really easy to get fast cash with Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. – the requirements are simple, and anyone, even with bad or non-existent credit can meet them. So, get started today by filling out a simple online request form and allow us to help you overcome your financial hardship in as little as 30 minutes!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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