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What To Do While Visiting Nashville, TN?

For those who are planning on visiting Nashville and spending an incredible vacation in the Music City, we at Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. have compiled a list of a few must-dos.

The city is not just a country music destination. It is also home to beautiful green spaces, historic landmarks, and tasty food. And if you want to have the time of your life in Nashville, tick at least a few things off our list. 

9 Things To Do In Nashville, TN

If you're going on a Nashville vacation, you'll want to find fun and exciting things to do while visiting the city. Let's explore nine exciting things to do while visiting Nashville, TN. 

1. Visit The Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum

Perhaps one of the best places to begin your journey is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Strolling through the galleries and taking in the atmosphere will help you realize Nashville's role in music throughout the years. 

Here, you’ll find everything country music-related, from Elvis’s Gold Cadillac to the stories of modern-day performers.

2. Create Your Own Souvenir At Hatch Show Print

After exploring the museum, you might decide to buy a souvenir to take back home. And there is no better place to do that than at Hatch Show Print.

The letterpress print shop has been open since 1879, and if you attend one of the workshops or tours, you can make yourself a T-shirt, poster, tea towel, or tote bag. The latter occurs every day between 10 AM and 4 PM and lasts an hour. 

3. Spend The Evening At Robert’s Western World

If you have been dreaming about visiting the famous Honky Tonk Highway, but have only one evening to spare, then pay a visit to Robert’s Western World. 

Prepare yourself for shelves full of boots, delicious burgers, fried bologna sandwiches, cold beer, and traditional live country music. 

picture of visiting Nashville, TN

4. Take A Pic In Front Of The Parthenon

Did you know that Nashville has its very own full-scale replica of the Athenian building? 

The Parthenon is Centennial Park's centerpiece, fantastic photo op, and art museum.

5. Watch A Show At The Bluebird Café

Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kim Richey, and Faith Hill are just a few artists who have had their career moments at the legendary club over the last three decades.

The tiny room has only 90 seats, so it’s a unique experience for any visitor and performer. Furthermore, you never know who will stop by the club to play some songs.

6. Buy A Pair Of Cowboy Boots

There’s nothing like a good pair of boots! And why not get yourself a pair as a gorgeous souvenir from Nashville?

Nashville Boot Co. and Boot Country have extraordinary collections in various sizes. 

7. Try The Famous Biscuits

If you want to taste Nashville, you should visit The Loveless Café, which opened their doors in 1951. 

Their menu is a love letter to Southern flavors, so you’ll find plenty of tasty dishes here. But whatever you do, finish the meal with the famous biscuits!

8. Visit Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Tootsies is another legendary place in Downtown Nashville. The fun never stops in this historic place, which features three floors, bars, and stages. 

9. Spend The Day At Cheekwood

Do you want to spend most of the day enjoying nature? Then come to Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. This 1930s estate features a giant mansion, an art exhibition, and stunning gardens. 

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