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The 15 Top New Year's Resolutions You Can Easily Do

Have you had trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolutions in the past? That happens with most people – largely due to our habit of emphasizing “New Year, New Me” and tackling grand goals that can be daunting.

We’ve got a solution for you; take on changes that are small and easy, but make an important change as a whole.

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When it comes to resolutions, to actually stick to them, it is important to make them realistic and simple. Check out these top New Year’s resolutions that can be easy to stick to.

Here’s our list of top New Year's resolutions you can easily stick by.

1. Drink More Water

It becomes much easier to drink more water if you just keep a water bottle nearby all the time. You don’t even need to be thirsty – just sip on it from time to time to wet your mouth. You’ll be drinking more water in no time.

2. Eat More Fresh Produce

Eating healthier can sometimes feel like a hard task to accomplish. Instead of cutting things into your diet, try to incorporate more healthy options.

Eat that pack of potato chips if you’ve got a craving, but have a banana after, add more fresh veggies to the sandwich you’re making, and so on.

3. Cook More

Controlling what you’re eating is much easier when you’re the one calling the shots about what goes into the dish.

Instead of cutting down on take-out, or ordering salads – make the food you want at home. Simply modify it to include healthier elements along with fat and salt.

4. Cut Down On Sugar

Cutting something out can be difficult, but a gradual decrease isn’t that hard to accomplish. Let’s take cola: if you’re drinking two cans every day – cut it down to one. If you’re drinking just a couple a week – maybe drink a can every two weeks.

Look at the biggest sources of sugar in your diet and try to cut the consumption by about a quarter to start. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

5. Cut Down On Alcohol

Again, don’t try to cut it out – drink, but drink less than you’re used to. Don’t get drunk, get buzzed, so to speak.

6. Go For A Walk At Least Once A Week

It doesn’t need to be a walk in nature or anything like that. Just walk aimlessly around the city if that’s what you want.

Just take one hour out of your week – and who knows, maybe over time, you’ll even give it more time.

7. Call Someone You Love At Least Once A Week

Talking to your mom, or a friend from a different state or country, at least once a week can be a serious booster for your mental health.

Give people you love the love they deserve and let them love you.

8. Read More

Doesn’t matter what – a book doesn’t need to be a classic beloved by critics, a NY Times bestseller, or award-winning non-fiction to bring you joy.

Read a trashy romance novel, a mass-market detective, a fantasy book no one’s heard about. Read what makes you happy, instead of forcing yourself to read what others say you should.


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9. Find Someone To Buddy-Read With

Achieving your reading goals could be much easier if you find someone to buddy-read with. Not only will it give you an accountability partner and make you more motivated to reach your goals, but it will also be more fun to read while knowing you can discuss everything the book made you feel with someone else when you’re done.

10. Sleep More

Make this the year you prioritize sleep over other past-times. Not only do people who get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night experience less stress, but it’s good for your physical health as well.

11. Start Journaling

Give yourself daily or weekly updates. Create a vision board: what is it that you want to achieve this week, this month, this year?

Have a special section for gratitude. What is it that you’re grateful for this week? What are you content with? What is your life is going well? Write in daily or weekly affirmations.

All of these things you can do without journaling – but putting them into solid words on solid paper and being able to always read over them when you feel down can be a great help when the times are hard.

12. Be Kinder To Yourself

Did you fail to uphold one of the resolutions? Do not be too hard on yourself. Striving to be a better you is a good commitment – but the “you” you already are doesn’t deserve cruelty.

Pat yourself on the back for trying – and try again.

13. Do Not Give Up On The Resolutions

Most New Year’s resolutions unfortunately fail. But the success rate would be much higher if people stuck by them after failing the first time around.

Messed up your sleep schedule, got into a reading slump, forgot to call mom this week? Start over from the next week.

14. Ask For A Raise

If you feel you work hard and deserve a raise, ask! What have you got to lose? At worst, your superiors will say no – at best, you’ll get a raise.

15. Set Up An Emergency Fund

Most of the problems you’ll encounter this year will likely be of financial character. Setting up an emergency fund will not only help you deal with them but will help your mental health since financial security is known to decrease stress and anxiety.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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