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How to Have Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! And while the festive holiday brings us all together, it can also bring anxiety to those who are on a budget. Cooking a feast for your parents, grandparents, in-laws, and those cousins you only see twice every year can make a dent in your wallet. But no need to fret. We will highlight a few tips that you can use to prepare for Thanksgiving on a budget.

How to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Feast This Year

Keeping it Nice and Simple

Our first and most important tip is that there is no need to go for extravagant dishes. Instead try to keep the whole thing nice and simple. Cook just enough for the people present without worrying about leftovers. Focus on simple dishes that do not require a lot of ingredients. Browse budget-friendly recipes from the Food Network.

Shopping for Grocery Deals

Another tip is to shop for deals early before Thanksgiving. Try to stock up on the stuff that you can keep in your pantry. For example, if you get a good deal on 5 cans of peas then you should go ahead and buy them. Furthermore, a lot of superstores have bundle offers leading up to Thanksgiving, which can help you save lots. Also, if you simply cannot have Thanksgiving without turkey, then buy a frozen store-brand turkey instead of opting for a fresh (and more expensive) bird.

Not Getting a Turkey

Turkey on Thanksgiving is as American as it gets and the tradition has been followed ever since Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln. But getting a bird just before Thanksgiving can become quite expensive especially if you're on a budget.

In fact, you don’t necessarily have to have a turkey at all. You can replace it with any bird or meat of choice, particularly chicken or ham. You can actually turn this into your own personal family tradition and save money at the same time. But if you absolutely need to have turkey on Thanksgiving, then instead of the full bird, get turkey breasts or legs.

Have Your Guests Bring Something

Another great way to save money is to have the guests pitch in and bring something. On a day like Thanksgiving, no one will mind bringing something to the table. After all, the holiday is about bringing people together. Ask your guests to bring wine or a side dish to ease your burden.

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Sometimes no matter how much you save throughout the year or how many deals you get, you just can’t save enough to have a proper Thanksgiving. Unexpected expenses like medical bills or car repairs can really hamper your plans for a holiday feast. And on a holiday such as this, disappointing your parents, family, and friends is just not an option.

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Saving money on your Thanksgiving meal can be simple by applying these tips. Whether you stock up, use alternative and cheaper ingredients, or ask guests to bring side dishes, you can have a wonderful Thanksgiving and still stay well within your budget!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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