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The Simple Process For Tennessee Flex Loans Explained

Tennessee flex loans are for those who need money fast to face urgent matters. You could get up to $4,000 with a flex loan from Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. to pay a pending bill by completing these four simple steps: have a valid I.D., show proof of income, own your car outright, and apply quickly online.

Let’s dive into each step in further detail below.

The Simple Process For Tennessee Flex Loans

What Is A Tennessee Flex Loan?

Tennessee flex loans, also called line of credit loans, give the borrower access to cash when they want it. The maximum draw amount is $4,000 over a set time, but you can take out as much or as little as you need, as often as you need within that time.

At the same time, you only pay interest on the money you access – not on the entire available amount. Any money you pay back is once again available for you to take out again during the loan’s duration. The only thing you need to do is adhere to the terms of service and pay back the loan on time.

How To Get A TN Flex Loan

To get Tennessee flex loans, you’ll first apply online before meeting with our representative to confirm the loan details. You’ll need to show a valid I.D., proof of income, and the lien-free title for your car in person.

1. Have A Valid I.D.

Valid I.D. in this context should be your TN driver’s license or another state-issued I.D. If you’ve never had a driver’s license before, you’ll need to apply for your regular (Class D) license. Be sure to bring your:

  • Proof of citizenship or legal presence
  • Proof of name changes (if applicable)
  • Two items to prove you live in Tennessee
  • Proof of your Social Security number (W-2, Social Security card, payroll stub, etc.)

New residents have a different set of requirements listed here.

If you don’t want a driver’s license, you can opt for an Identification (ID only) license from the state.

person standing on row with arrows on ground with text overlay The simple process for Tennseess Flex loans explained.

2. Have Proof Of Income

Line of credit loans from Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. will also need proof of your income. While income is generally from employment and proven through a pay stub, you may have other income that will be acceptable for Tennessee flex loans – just ask our representative to see what works.

Unlike some traditional lenders, Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. doesn’t have a minimum income amount needed to apply; it’s simply important to know the borrower has funds available in the future to complete the loan and avoid using their collateral.

3. Request Your Lien-Free Vehicle Title

A car title is a document – physical or electronic – showing who owns a vehicle. Some titles are given with liens, meaning the “owner” still owes payments on the car to the seller (usually a car dealership).

To qualify for Tennessee flex loans, you’ll need the lien-free title for your car to show that you own it outright. This allows the car to be used as collateral during the life of your loan.

If you have recently paid off your car, the dealership or lender is usually in charge of removing liens and giving the owner the lien-free title. If you have already paid your car off and don’t have your car title, you may need to request a duplicate title from your local county clerk’s office.

4. Apply Online

Once you have your three documents, you can apply for Tennessee flex loans online in a snap.

First, fill out our inquiry form on the homepage of our site. Keep your phone nearby and expect a phone call from one of the Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. representatives. They will answer your questions, ask about your documents, and arrange a time to meet.

5. Present Your Vehicle for Inspection

Next, head to the nearest office to present your paperwork and vehicle for inspection. This process could take as little as half an hour. If approved, you could have your flex loan cash available by the end of that same day.

Why Get A Tennessee Flex Loan?

Tennessee flex loans let you use the money you need, no more and no less. This means you don’t have to pay interest on a larger loan if you won’t use it, and you also have more money available in case the need arises.

Tennessee flex loans are also easier to access than traditional loans. They don’t require good or excellent credit to apply, have multiple office locations to complete the application process, and even allow borrowers to apply if they have an existing title loan on their vehicle.

Get Your Flex Loan Now

Tennessee flex loans offer you up to $4,000 to use when you want, for what you need. If you have the three necessary documents listed above, it’s time to apply online and see if you qualify. Get started today and you could have cash in your pocket before tomorrow!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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