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8 Compelling Reasons Why People Need Emergency Money Now

It’s always a good idea to save money. But if you need additional motivation – here are the most common reasons you might need emergency money now!

1. Any Kind of Medical Expense

Postponing medical problems is never a good idea - it will only get worse and cost you, both in a physical and financial sense.

And if you’re having a medical problem, you don’t need emergency money now, you need emergency money yesterday.

2. Dental Services

Dental services may not seem as urgent as other medical expenses, but they can be sneaky. Skipping out on regular checkups or postponing dealing with a toothache may cost you more instead of helping you save money.

When that toothache escalates from what could be a simple cavity into an emergency root canal, then you’ll really start thinking about how you need emergency money NOW – but it’ll be a tad bit late. Better save up before that happens.

3. Pet Care

Just as you need healthcare, so does your pet. And vet bills need to be footed the same way medical bills need to (not to mention your pet might need surgery that costs more than your last medical checkup did).

4. Car Maintenance (and Repairs)

Unless you’re amongst the lucky few in America who live in a place with a good public transportation system – chances are you depend on your car for transportation.

Meaning you’re not really able to postpone dealing with problems if any pop up. This is another compelling reason to always have access to an emergency cash stash.

5. Electrician/Plumber/Locksmith

It’s a similar story with any other similar service. Think about it – if your house is out of power, or your sink isn’t passing water, or your front door lock isn’t working, you just don’t have the luxury of forgetting about the problem.

So, either you have some emergency cash saved, or you need to find other options to get the emergency dollars.

6. Urgent House Repairs

woman holding bucket and on the phone with Tennessee Title Loans for emergency repair

If your house has a leaky roof, problems with heating or the foundation, you need emergency money.

The point is if you wish to live in a safe, well-tended house, having extra money for a rainy day is crucial. And if you don’t have one yet, you’d better start working on it ASAP, because sooner or later there will be an urgent need for emergency money now.

7. Family Emergencies

One of the most unfortunate and compelling reasons why people need emergency money now is family emergencies.

If someone from your extended family falls ill, or god forbid passes away, that might mean a lot of unaccounted expenses you can’t cover just from your paycheck.

Starting from travel, and all the way to funeral services – an emergency fund can be a life-saver if a family emergency pops up.

8. Job Loss

And last, but certainly not least, the most compelling reason you might need emergency money now is job loss.

If the 2020 pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that even a job that feels secure might be lost at any moment due to unforeseen circumstances.

Having an emergency fund that covers your expenses for at least a few months will act as a security blanket, giving you time to find your footing again – without having to worry about essential expenses and making dumb rash decisions because of it.

How to Get Cash When You Need Emergency Money Now:

If you have yet to set up the emergency fund or have recently depleted it due to unforeseen circumstances, then you’ll need to consider other options – options like short-term fast loans, say title loans. And if you’re a Tennessee resident, then Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. is the place to go.

Why Title Loans?

When you need emergency money now with no delays, title loans are likely the fastest and most accessible option. You can easily get approved for title loans even if your credit is bad – or outright nonexistent, and you only need your car and a lien-free title to it in your name to apply.

mans arm holding tablet representing getting an title loan online

All you need to do is fill out and submit an online title loans form on the site, go to the meeting the loan representative, wait until they review all the required items and, if approved, you’ll get the money the very same day.

I Don’t Own a Car. Now What?

If you’re not a car owner (or you can use your car because the title isn’t in your name), you can apply for payday loans.

The process looks pretty similar – you’ll need to submit a filled-out online form on the website, and then bring the required items to the scheduled meeting with the loan representative.

Though unlike with title loans, the list of required items is a little different. You’ll need your ID, most recent paystub, and a blank check from an active checking account in your name.

Similar to title loans, if you get approved – you’ll get the cash the same day if you apply through Tennessee Title Loans, Inc.

Get Your Tennessee Emergency Cash Today!

Saving money for emergency is a perfect idea, and the examples of possible emergency scenarios described above can be a great motivation to start doing that. If, however, an emergency has taken you by surprise, and there’s nothing in your savings account yet, don’t hesitate to resort to fast emergency cash offered by Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. Apply today to get your cash in as little as 30 minutes!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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