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Make Extra Money With These Part-Time Jobs


We could all use a little extra spending money. Whether it’s for turning the rent in on time or indulging in a special night out with your partner. A part-time job can give you extra flexibility in your budget without disrupting your day job. The benefits of a part-time job are limitless. Especially, when you work for yourself! Have you ever considered a part-time job as being a self-employed entrepreneur?

Take a look at this round-up for the Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for starting your own home-based business. We’ll also cover how you secure up to $2,500 in title loans, Tennessee. Here’s how!

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs

1. Home Bakery Business

If you have a knack for all things sweet and a special skill for custom frosting work, why not open your own small home bakery business? Birthdays happen every day, so there will be no shortage of custom cakes needed. And everyone loves cookies and muffins, so if you’re skilled at oven-work you’re sure to have an endless opportunity for jobs.

2. Lawn Mowing

Do you have a lawnmower? That’s all you need. Make some cool flyers and hand them out around the neighborhood. Lawn mowing is a super-quick job that not a lot of homeowners want to do themselves. They’re willing to pay $20 or more for someone to cut their grass. If you’ve got the tools and some extra sunscreen, this would be a great option for you.

3. Virtual Assistant

Prefer to stay at home and excel at computer work and organization? There are countless job offers for skilled virtual assistants to handle extra-doings and calendars. Virtual assisting can be a very lucrative endeavor and is easily part-time work. You could offer to work for a friend for free or discount for a couple of weeks to get a good testimonial on your resume.

4. Consulting

If you have a specialty in a specific sector, like in business, medical, or creative realms, then consulting can be an interesting opportunity for you. Acting as a source of information and inspiration to individuals or small businesses, you can offer to help improve their brand with your skills.

5. Freelance Writer

Love putting pen to paper? Freelance writing can be a variable and fun way to explore a part-time work-from-home world. From topics covering product reviews to creative writing, there is no limit to the kind of work you could be doing. Try getting some pieces into magazines or notable blogs to amp up your resume.

6. Seamstress

For those will the impressive skill of being able to mend or custom-fit clothes, a home seamstress is a great part-time job. Take on clients for consistent altering or craft up some original designs to start your label. Using online platforms to sell your wares, like Etsy, you can make it easy to start on a professional foot.

7. Woodworker

If you’ve already invested in this expensive hobby, why not make some money off of it? Whatever you specialize in, pens, chairs, checkerboards, maybe even canoes, people pay big bucks for custom woodwork. A few extra hours in the garage after your full-time job is probably something you already do. So hammer out (pun intended) a load of pens and get yourself a table (or make yourself a table?) at a craft fair.

8. Beekeeper

If you’re not allergic, being a keeper of bees is a noble calling, though sticky at times. Pop a few hives in your backyard and let the bees do the work for you. When the honey is ready to collect, in a weekend you’ll easily get buckets full from just a few hives. Throw a cool label on that honey and get to selling.

9. Dog Walker

That extra time at lunch doesn’t have to be wasted - market yourself as a dog walker for your neighbors that don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves. You can fit in a walk before work, during lunch, and after work for a quick and consistent cash flow.

10. Small Farmer

If you have a yard, you can have a garden. Whatever your fancy be - flowers, carrots, bamboo. Get to growing and find a spot at a local farmer’s market to spend your weekends making extra money.

All of these options are great for bolstering your current budget if you find you need some extra cash, but what happens if you’re facing an emergency? Title loans online can help you.


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