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Enjoy These 5 Holiday Staycation Ideas This Year

When we think about vacations, the first thing that comes to mind is lying on a beach in a far off tropical island and sipping margaritas. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we vacation, with international travel being discouraged or completely banned in some countries. But just because you can’t travel to far off locations does not mean that you can’t have a vacation.

This year we want you to skip the holiday travel and have a “staycation” or “holistay” instead. The idea is to have a vacation within a 3-hour drive radius of where you live. Here are our top 5 staycation ideas.

Tourist in Your Own Backyard

If you live in or near a big city, chances are that you have never fully explored it. If you Google the outdoor attractions in your city, you will find many that you haven’t heard about.

Being a tourist in your city is a great (and cost-effective) staycation idea. Plan a tour of all the outdoor places you want to see. Not only will it be fun, but you will also end up seeing your city in a new light.

Outdoor Movie Night

Having a movie night in your backyard can be fun, intimate, and much cheaper than going to the cinema. You can have a romantic movie date with your better half. You can order pizza and drinks and make microwave popcorn. 

Camp Out

Camping out is one of the most fun and affordable staycation ideas, especially for the outdoorsy types. You can probably find many campsites or local parks near your house. And even if you can’t, you can always camp out in your own backyard. Telling stories and cooking s’mores around the campfire will definitely take you down memory lane.

Try New Cuisines

This season try to skip your usual restaurants and hangouts, instead, try new cuisines at home. Dress up when you eat your meal and this will help to give you proper staycation feels. If you don’t want to risk burning your dinner, then order it through UberEats or Doordash.

Stay at Your Local Hotel

Give yourself time off by staying a few nights at a local hotel. This is perfect for parents who want to spend a few days away from kids. For the ultimate staycation experience, book a premium 4 to 5-star hotel.

Due to the pandemic, many hotels have slashed prices or are offering free upgrades and you won’t find a better chance to enjoy the suite life on a budget.

Have a Backup Plan In Case of Emergencies During Your Staycation

Staycations are budget-friendly but if you cannot find a room that’s within your budget for a staycation then you might end up using your saving. Without any savings, you will be left without a buffer in case of emergencies.

If this is the case, and you need the emergency cash, then title loans might be the best option for you. Getting a title loan is a convenient way of securing urgent cash for emergencies like medical bills, home or car repairs or urgent travel.

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Use Tennessee Title Loans

Benefits of Title Loans

  • Fast and Easy
  • Title loans are a quick and convenient way of securing cash. With Tennessee Title Loans you can get up to $2,500, and the process is super-fast and easy
  • Keep using your car
  • Contrary to popular belief, if you get a title loan, your car will not be requisitioned. In fact, you can keep on using your car as long as you make the payments
  • Paying back is easy
  • Paying back your title is easy and can be done online. There are various installment and payback options available for you to choose from
  • Good credit as well as the bad one, or even no credit is accepted!
  • No credit history and weak credit history is accepted as well. So this is perfect for those who are behind on their bills.

Guide to Acquire a Title Loan

There are 2 ways of acquiring an online title loan. The classic method is to simply drive up to a store while the more convenient one is to apply online. You can follow this step-by-step guide on how to acquire an online title loan:

  • Google “title loans near me”
  • Click on title loans online if you live in Tennessee
  • On their website fill out the online application form
  • Within minutes, a representative will call you and guide you through the process
  • He will ask you to come to a location of your choice
  • You will be asked to bring your State ID or driving license, lien-free title to your vehicle, your car, and the proof of income
  • The representative will inspect your car and check your ID
  • He will let you know the amount you are eligible for
  • Once everything has been approved, the amount will be transferred to your account immediately after which you can simply drive off
  • The whole process will take 30 minutes!

In times of hardship, it is extremely important to keep a positive mental attitude and march forward with hope. Try to stay deliberate in your activities, and you will discover that you’re much stronger than you thought, and that strength is what will help you get through this hardship!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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