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How to Get Money Before Your Next Paycheck with a Payday Loan

Are you sick of waiting around for your paycheck to arrive in your bank account or mailbox? If so, then consider a payday loan. We all like having financial freedom, especially if we work hard at our jobs. But sometimes, our paychecks don't align with our bills and that can cause major problems.

Thus, getting money before your next paycheck shows up may spell the difference between success and failure. For families that are barely making ends meet or surviving from one payday to the next, this payday loan option may be their only hope. After all, most people in this country don't have good enough credit to approach a bank for a loan.

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is like getting an advance on your own money. That means you receive a portion of your paycheck before it gets paid by your employer. Then, you can repay the middleman without ever having to involve your credit report. And in Tennessee, you only need a few documents to qualify for hundreds of dollars.

NOTE: You can borrow up to $400 at a time when you get a payday loan from Tennessee Title Loans, Inc.

How Do You Qualify for a Payday Loan?

A payday loan differs from a traditional loan because it doesn't require collateral to qualify. It doesn't even use your income amount as a reason for disqualification. So, you can still get the money you need right away even if you don't make a lot of money at work. Plus, you can set up a more convenient repayment schedule thanks to the flexible nature of these loans.

In most cases, applicants only need the following four things to get a fast approval on their payment advances:

  • A government-issued driver's license or photo ID
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • A blank check from an active checking account in your name

Keep in mind that Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. accommodates all types of income. So, don't be afraid to apply if you have an unusual source of income such as self-employment or freelance work. If all else fails, you may be eligible for another form of funding such as a signature loan or a title loan. Either way, you must be 18 years or older to qualify for a payday loan in TN.

TIP: To find out if you're eligible for fast, convenient money, submit an online inquiry form located on the top left of the website.

Why Getting Started Online Is Your Best Bet

To get the process started, you can choose one of two options: either go straight to one of Tennessee Title Loan locations or fill out an online form by providing some basic information about yourself. Both routes are fast and can bring you cash the same day if you act fast and get together all the required items.

Most people prefer to start with the online form, as it saves time (nobody wants to travel to a store location to find out that they’re not eligible). Plus, you’ll get a chance to talk to one of our representatives and find out all you need to know before you make this responsible financial decision.

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Steps for Getting Your Payday Loan

Before applying for your Tennessee quick cash, it’s good to know what to expect. The guidelines given below will help you get an idea of what the process looks like:

1. Be Ready to Answer the Phone When Your Loan Agent Calls

You'll probably hear from somebody within a few minutes of submitting the online form, so don't venture too far from the phone. This is designed to be as quick and easy as possible, which means you should be prepared before even beginning.

2. Bring Your Documents with You to the Meet the Agent

You will have a chance to finalize your contract on the spot, so bring everything you need because going back and forth is a waste of time. If possible, print out your banking statements ahead of time and don't forget to grab your wallet.

3. Go to the Store to Sign Papers and Get Your Cash

Once you arrive, your papers will be reviewed by a verification agent who will also determine the amount you qualify for based on your income. He will also have you sign a few more papers to finalize the process. Once finished, you will get your money in as little as 30 minutes.

NOTE: For the best results, try to apply for payday loans early in the day. That way, your application is one of the first to get processed. Plus, you won't have to worry about banking hours and store closures if you get things done sooner.

Get a Tennessee Payday Loan Today

You don't have to keep waiting for your next paycheck to arrive. When getting the opportunity to use a payday advance instead, take advantage of it. In some cases, doing so could mean the difference between having a roof over your head and being evicted for not paying rent on time.

So, use your resources wisely by applying for your payday loan with Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. today to stay afloat while you rework your budget!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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