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Find The Best Loan Option For Emergency Funds 

If you’re stuck in a rough financial spot, Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. can offer you a title loan, payday loan, or line of credit to get the urgent cash as soon as possible. These lending options can be a convenient way to get the much-needed sum of money for those who don't have an emergency fund.

But what exact loan should you opt for? Let’s figure that out right now!

What Loan To Go For When You Urgently Need Cash?

Though all three lending options can offer access to fast cash without the hassle associated with traditional loans, they are different. When deciding what loan to go for, consider your needs and whether you’d be able to meet the lender’s requirements.

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Title Loan

With a title loan, you qualify for up to $2,500. You wouldn’t have to drive to the store to inspect your car – the verification agent can come to you. Furthermore, you’ll get to keep your four-wheeled friend while repaying the loan, which is a huge plus.

A car title loan is typically chosen by those who own their car outright. Those who want to try to qualify for a more significant sum than that offered when taking out a payday loan.

You shouldn’t consider a title loan if you are still paying for your vehicle or your car is severely damaged. Vehicles with major cosmetic and mechanical defects cannot be used as collateral.

Just so you know, the car's title must have your name on it. If it doesn’t, you would have to visit your local DMV to get the document transferred.

Payday Loan

A payday loan can become a convenient way to deal with minor financial emergencies, as you might get up to $400. The application process is straightforward and quick. You might determine whether you qualify for approval within 30 minutes of entering the store.

Such a lending option can be chosen by individuals who do not own a valuable asset (such as a car) or those who don’t want to put their vehicle at risk. You'll be required to provide your ID, most recent bank statement and pay stub, and a blank check from your active checking account. This means you must have a bank account and a source of income to get approved.

If you are currently unemployed or don’t have pay stubs for any other reason, don’t worry. The lender might agree to consider alternative sources of income as long as you have the appropriate documentation to prove that you’ll be able to repay the loan.

Line of Credit

With a line of credit or flex loan, you can get up to $4,000. The main difference between this and other loans is that you can set your credit limit and borrow as much (or as little) as you need. This is a convenient option for those who do not know precisely how much money they might need to cover their emergency.

To take out a secured flex loan, you need your ID, vehicle, lien-free title, and proof of income (no minimum income requirement). Like with a title loan, you have to own the car outright, and the title must have your name on it.

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Why Choose Tennessee Title Loans, Inc.?

Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. offers competitive title, payday, and flex loans. Our experienced and friendly company representatives are committed to providing you with the best customer service possible, so you can rest assured that you will be treated with the respect you deserve, starting when you enter the store or get on the phone with one of the staff members.

Our representatives would also do everything they can to help you quickly get the urgent cash. And the best part is that, in some cases, the in-person application process might take only 30 minutes.

Can You Get Approved with Bad Credit?

The company welcomes all credit if you’re applying for a title loan or line of credit. You might qualify even for a payday loan with poor credit if you have proven that you have a stable income and can repay.

Take Out An Emergency Loan Today!

If you don’t have enough cash in your emergency fund to cover an urgent expense, a title loan, payday loan, or line of credit offered by Tennessee Title Loans, Inc. might become your way out of the situation. What loan you decide to go for depends on your needs and whether you own a car.

But no matter what lending option you choose, you can receive the money in the shortest timeframe if approved. Ready to take the next step? Then, please fill out our quick request form right now to begin the hassle-free approval process!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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