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Top Affordable Date Night Ideas


Whether you’ve been together one year or twenty, it’s important to keep the spark of romance alive with a regular date night. A date night allows you and your partner to take a breath, push out the stresses of everyday life, and focus on connecting in that special way that led them to become your significant other in the first place.

Unfortunately, romance doesn’t come cheap. Dinner at a fancy restaurant once a week can become prohibitively expensive, fast. Luckily for you, we’ve put together 5 affordable date ideas that won’t break the budget.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Restaurant Cartel

One of the great lamentations of our age is that we immediately assume quality and cost are synonymous. While it’s true the two are often related, that doesn’t mean the most expensive thing is the best. Case in point: restaurants.

Big, fancy restaurants with weeks-long reservation backfills may seem like the ideal date night, but this is an idea they’ve carefully cultivated because they know it helps their bottom line. Often smaller, family-owned restaurants serve just as good of food at half the price and provide a cozy atmosphere all their own.

Cook Together

A date doesn’t necessarily mean having to leave home. One cozy date night idea is to stay in, turn on some smooth jazz, and make a meal together. If you’re the kind of couple that can work together without it ending in murder-suicide, then cooking a meal together can be a great and refreshing date idea. And a bonus, you’ll even have a meal at the end of it.

Find a Local Band

While they lack the fire and fury of a big concert, plenty of local bands play great music all their own, and often for free. Finding one with a sound both you and your partner like and then listening to them while you eat makes for both a cozy and cheap date night.

Take a Hike

This is really more a date day than date night idea, but still worth thinking about. If you’re the kind of couple that enjoys being active, then forget dinner and a movie and instead let mother nature be your wingman by going on a hike or walk together. There are plenty of free parks out there that won’t cost you a cent.

Shop Flea Markets

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt, especially when sharing it with your significant other. One great way of indulging that thrill is by going on date night to a flea market and nosing around to see what kind of new and interesting things you can find. By nature flea markets are cheaper than any retail store, which means that no matter what you find, it won’t break the bank.


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Don’t Let an Emergency Ruin the Mood

All’s fair in love and war they say, but you know what isn’t? A sudden and unexpected emergency like your car breaking down, or you or your significant other being rushed to the emergency room. Emergencies like these can be expensive and if you’re already in a tough financial position, nearly impossible to recover from.

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